I went to see “Eclipse” because my host family loved it. So I watched “Twilight” and “New Moon” of “Eclipse” because “Eclipse” is one of the “Twilight” series. It was funny movie!! But I think there were too many kiss scenes. Every 10 minutes, they kissed!! It’s over, but that was really too much!! I want to go to see the other movie!

And next day, I went to do snowboard and snowball fight. We used car to go to snow, movie, etc. Everything is so far!! The snowboard was very fun!! All of my stuff was wet but I didn’t care because it was very fun!! Snowball fight was fun too, but I had a problem. That is, snowball is almost ice! So if I was hit, I would get hurt.

And! Next day, we went to host springs. Hot springs are like Japanese spa. But they are little different. We wear swimwear. And boys and girls are together in the spa. I had a good time there. Especially my host sister (1 year old) and (3 years old) had the best time because they frolicked!

Next day is my host sister’s birthday! But we don’t have no party. Instead of it, we went to hot springs! She got a lot of “Dora” stuff. She loves Dora. Dora is an animation. She got a motorcycle, so she always uses it and collides with us and walls. That’s funny!

Now, winter break is almost finished…I’m very lazy now!! I miss my host school!


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