Hello! How are you? I’m fine!
It’s getting colder in Australia…very cold!! And it’s often rainy these days.

When I was in Japan, I stayed in a very warm classroom and didn’t need move around at school. So I didn’t feel cold. But I’m in Australia now and I have to move classrooms each time! So I’m cold everyday!

I had six exams this months. (English, Media, Biology, IT, Science, Math) English exam was very very very easy because the teacher prepared a special test for me! So I will get good score!!

Math exam, this was easy too. But everybody used “cheat sheet”(数学のテストをするとき、チートシートという式や例題などを書いた紙を2枚ほど使える。) And My math teacher made “cheat sheet” for me.
But I didn’t use it because I didn’t need it! BUT!! I couldn’t answer some questions. After exam, I tried to solve them, it wasn’t sooo easy problem.Oh my god!!

I didn’t have to take Biology exam this time because assistant principal said “it’s so difficult (for me)” Lucky!!(?)

Media, Science exam are hopeless because 質問をトランスレートする時間でせーいっぱいだから。I asked teachers “Can you give me extra time?” and they said “yes”  So I got extra time!




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